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VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder For Wall Putty

Wall putty is a white cement-based powder made of polymer and other minerals that make the wall look smoother. It is primarily used to fill in cracks and holes in walls and prepare an even wall surface before applying paint. Using wall putty helps to provide better protection against stains, mould & cracks for your walls.

Recommended GradeSL RD5010
Appearanceflowing white powder
MFFT (℃)0-4
pH value5-8
ApplicationInterior and exterior wall putty

The Role Of VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder In Wall Putty:

● Improve putty's cohesion, excellent resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, and increase flexural strength.

● Improve the waterproof and permeability of putty.

● Improve the water retention of putty, increase the open time, and improve the workability.

● Improve the impact resistance of putty and enhance the durability of putty.


RDP is typically added to dry-mix mortar formulations. When the dry mix is combined with water, the RDP redisperses into its original latex form, providing the aforementioned benefits to the mortar or adhesive.By incorporating RDP, construction materials gain enhanced performance characteristics, making them more reliable and effective for various applications.


Tile Adhesives: Enhances adhesion, flexibility, and workability.

Self-Leveling Compounds: Improves flow properties and surface finish.

EIFS/ETICS: Enhances flexibility, adhesion, and impact resistance.

Plasters and Renders: Provides good workability, adhesion, and resistance to cracking.

Repair Mortars: Improves bonding strength and flexibility.

Grouts: Increases adhesion and water resistance.

VAE Re-Dispersible Polymer Powder For Wall Putty is a copolymer powder that can be used in wall putty, mortars, and tile bonds. Please contact us!

VAE Re-dispersible Polymer Powder For Wall Putty

Safety notes
The data presented above is in accordance with the present state of our knowledge, but doesn't absolve the user from carefully checking it all immediately on receipt. We reserve the right to alter product constantly within the scope of technical progress or new developments. The recommendations made above should be checked by preliminary trials because of conditions during processing over which we have no control of, especially where other companies' raw materials are also being used.


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