Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
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Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is a widely used water-soluble polymer derived from cellulose through etherification, introducing hydroxyethyl groups. 

SLEO is a leading Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Manufacturers , with a focus on producing Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC).


Thickening Agent: 

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is an efficient thickening agent used in aqueous systems such as paints, coatings, adhesives, and detergents. It significantly increases the viscosity of liquids, enhancing product application and stability.

Gelling and Stabilizing Agent: 

In personal care products and cosmetics, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Powder  is commonly used in emulsions, shampoos, and conditioners to provide good suspension and stability, improving the feel and texture of the products.

Protective Colloid: 

In certain industrial processes, HEC acts as a protective colloid, preventing particle settling and agglomeration, thus enhancing the stability of dispersions.


In construction materials like cement and mortar, HEC functions as a lubricant, improving workability and ease of application.

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